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Farah Saad

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Its always been my dream to help people connect with themselves and change the world. With over six years of sales experience working at various large corporations like PepsiCo Beverages Canada and Maple Leaf Foods, I know firsthand the stress and high anxiety employees feel on a daily basis. I experienced a burnout myself in 2016 which led to taking time off to travel the world. During this trip, I discovered eastern wellness practices to cope with stress, anxiety and other mental health issues.

Upon my return, I founded Be Kalm, a mindfulness consulting agency that specializes in stress and anxiety management and integrating wellness in the workplace through a full range of practical, results driven services including online and in-person customized workshops, solution-focused audits and wellness integration plans to help organizations maximize their team's potential. My goal is to shift the organizational culture in North America to embrace mindfulness as a value.

If you are ready to be kalm and take control, feel free to send me a message at info@bekalm.org.

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