Digital Fashion: Challenges and Opportunities w/ NidaSiddiqui, Bonanza & SairaTiwana,PinkBlob

A session by Nida Siddiqui and Saira Tiwana
Bonanza Garmets Industries and The Pink Blob

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About this session

Who/what are the biggest influencers of consumers’ buying decisions in clothing and fashion? Who decides what is trendy? Bloggers, celebrities, fashion shows, magazines, friends, apps? How has this evolved over time? How is it likely to evolve in the future?

  • Are there differences for different age groups and subcultures?

  • Differences for different income levels?

  • Differences for different education levels?

What are the elements that influence new technology/service adoption in the fashion retail industry (in sales/marketing)? How did it happen with webstores?

  • How are social media influencing the fashion retail industry?

  • Who are winning/losing? Good for big/small players?

  • Are the dynamics changing?

The panelists would be sharing their best practices that can add value to the audience.

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