Ecopreneurship & Advocacy: A Two-Pronged Approach to Sustainability

A session by Samar Hasan, Saira Ahmad, Mohsin Gul, Hira Wajahat, Anam Zeb and Catherine Florez de Uria
Epiphany, Sohni Dharti Climateers, Founder, Climate Launchpad, ShareDil and Founder and CEO

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Given the current trend toward a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly economy, the overlap between entrepreneurship and sustainability has become a key area. Part of this trend is the emergence of ecopreneurial businesses as the young populace is moving towards sustainable living. Moreover, creating awareness about sustainable lifestyle is as important as introducing sustainable products. Both of them go hand in hand and are two sides of the same coin. We are inviting experts to discuss the need for collective collaboration between ecopreneurs, consumers, and advocates to achieve long-term sustainability.

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