Epiphany Talks - Gaming Industry in Pakistan

A session by Abbas Saleem Khan, Babar Ahmed, Samar Hasan, Mahum Khan and Ammar Zaeem
Optera Digital, Mindstorm Studios, Epiphany, Arthur Technologies and Revolving Games

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With more than 2.7 billion gamers around the world (and increasing everyday), gaming is one of the fastest-growing industries globally. Now, in a world of social-distancing and minimum contact with the outside world, the already thriving industry has seen a steep rise as it offers fun distraction and digital human interaction. Pakistan’s gaming industry, encompassing AR, VR, tech-entertainment and e-sports, has seen steady growth as well. It has also received recognition worldwide and holds a promising future for aspiring game developers, investors and designers. However, when it comes to revenue, the country’s gaming industry captures only a fraction of the billion-dollar market. It is therefore important to understand why this is the case and what actions are required to counter this. This panel discussion comprising senior gaming professionals and experts will shed light on the challenges and opportunities faced by the industry, the changes required at the systemic and institutional levels and how creativity can be instilled in Pakistani youth to develop a talent pool that can take the world by storm. And finally, to answer the burning question - will Pakistan’s next unicorn be a gaming company?

Abbas Saleem Khan

Abbas Saleem Khan is a Pakistani Transmedia Specialist who has also produced animation and VFX. His work ranges from working with Expert Systems to design Pakistan’s first Computerized National Identification Card (2000) to working in Trango Interactive as Art Director for games such as Tomb Raider, SpongeBob: SquarePants, Afterburner, and Death Jr. 2

Ammar Zaeem

Started out in Tech at the age of 12, I have been in the games industry for 10 years, Co-Founded Caramel Tech with my brothers, helped scale the business and kept it profitable for the first 7 years. In 2018, we merged part of the studio with a US based publisher. Scaled and operated the publishing business as President & COO out of San Francisco. Our flagship game generated over $25m in revenue on Mobile and PC. Currently, I am leading Revolving Games headquartered in SF with over $12m in development funds. We have a rockstar team that has designed & produced games that have generated over $3.5 Billion. Revolving Games is working on a AAA IP for Mobile, this is the first time a game and IP of this magnitude is being developed in a studio that grew out of Pakistan.

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