Evolution of the Startup Ecosystem

A session by Jehan Ara, Yusuf Hussain, Nabeel Qadeer, Roshanay Asif Sheikh and Faisal Sherjan
P@SHA, JumpCurve, reflectwithnabeel.com, Startup Grind Sialkot and Multiple Startups

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About this session

Startup Grind in collaboration with Pakistan Tech Summit is hosting the veterans of Pakistan's tech ecosystem.

Join us for an insightful discussion with Jehan Ara (President - P@SHA), Yusuf Hussain (Senior Partner - JumpCurve / Former CEO Ignite), Nabeel Qadeer (Host - Idea Croron Ka) Faisal Sherjan (Angel Investor) to have an enlightening session on the evolution of Pakistan's startup ecosystem during COVID, hosted by Roshanay Asif Sheikh, Director - Startup Grind Sialkot.

These ecosystem players have played a major role in establishing the startup culture in Pakistan. We see a lot of new ideas being put into intangible services, a lot of great minds being directed to become CEOs of their companies, a lot of leaders leading teams - all this has been done by huge support, direction, guidance and solutions provided by these incubation centers.

In our panel discussion with these renowned guests, we are going to talk about why there is a need of the incubation centers, how they've helped the startups so far, what's going to be their strategy in the post corona world and how they think the startup industry is going to change in the coming times.

Take all the knowledge you can! Try to understand the startup world in this one hour's insightful session with us!

Jehan Ara

Jehan Ara is the President of the Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES (P@SHA). She has been spearheading efforts at P@SHA for the past 16 years during which time she was responsible for developing the P@SHA brand and for creating linkages between P@SHA and local and international partners.

Yusuf Hussain

Yusuf, a Senior Partner at Jump Curve, is a technologist, entrepreneur and investor with international experience. At the helm of CresSoft, Inc. in the USA, he led the company to a $286 million valuation and a slew of GLOBAL 2000 and FORTUNE 500 customers. As CEO Ignite, he led the design and execution of an online AI-powered freelance training portal that attained over 1 million enrollments in a little over a year, with a third party estimate of earnings by trainees at over $110 million a year.

Faisal Sherjan

Faisal Sherjan (FSJ) brings over 30 years of experience in advertising, television, 3G telephony and new media to his role as a mentor of ten startups. Starting out in advertising in 1985, FSJ, together with two partners, transformed Interflow within five years from a fledgling agency, into an advertising and marketing powerhouse.

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