Executive Baithak - The New Normal for Travel Influencers

A session by Manal Assaad, Jean Mouret, Safa Rauf, Josh Stockdale and Valentine Thomas
The Manalyst, Culture Explorer, Utopia Retreats, Mad Media PK, Dream Beach Media and Self-employed

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The world is at a standstill. Airlines, travel companies, the tourism sector and travel influencers alike are impacted by this unprecedented crisis. Advertizing and marketing budgets have been the first to go and travel brands have massively reduced, if not altogether ceased, their marketing activities. Resultantly, content creators, travel bloggers, influencers, brands and platforms are rethinking collaborations, content strategies and the way they did business.

This June, at Executive Baithak powered by Epiphany we have invited some well known travel influencers, content creators, travel vloggers / bloggers to understand their views on post-COVID traveling, what challenges and opportunities they are faced with, and what they think the future of vlogging and instagaming will be?

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