Mindfulness Workshop on Resilience and Embracing Change w/ Farah Saad (CEO - Be Kalm)

A session by Farah Saad
Founder & CEO, Be Kalm Mindfulness Consulting

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She is a Founder & CEO at Be Kalm Mindfulness Consulting, With over six years of sales experience working at various large corporations like PepsiCo Beverages Canada and Maple Leaf Foods

I know firsthand the stress and high anxiety employees feel on a daily basis. I experienced burnout myself in 2016 which led to taking time off to travel the world. During this trip, I discovered eastern wellness practices to cope with stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

Upon my return, I founded Be Kalm, a mindfulness consulting agency that specializes in stress and anxiety management and integrating wellness in the workplace through a full range of practical, results-driven services including online and in-person customized workshops, solution-focused audits and wellness integration plans to help organizations maximize their team's potential. My goal is to shift the organizational culture in North America to embrace mindfulness as a value.

3 June - 9 PM - Islamabad | 9 AM - San Francisco | 5 PM - London | 12 PM - Toronto

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