Twitter Influencers Perspective: Startups & SMEs

A session by Fariha Awan and Soha Naveed
WonderTree and Forman Christian College (FCCU)

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Take a look at some of the latest statistics of the figure to understand why it is such a powerful tool for marketing:

Twitter has 320million active users

Twitter is home to 1.3 billion accounts

A total of 500 million people visit Twitter each month

80% of the total user’s access Twitter using a mobile phone

An average user has 208 followers

6% of total verified accounts is comprised of journalists

83% of leading businessmen are on Twitter

An average of 6000 Tweets is sent every second

The fact that millions of users send tweets each day speaks volumes of Twitter’s popularity and potential reach for business promotion. Twitter has the power to be an immensely effective marketing tool irrespective of the scale or size of the operations of a company.With an expanding user base, Twitter has been recognized by marketers as an ideal platform for hunting potential customers. Niche market business and local entrepreneurs are deriving maximum benefits from the social media platform.

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